Thursday, January 16, 2014

Leadership and the Arts: A Rocket Ship and a House on an Asteroid

I want to see artists grow -- as people and in their capacity to create things that are meaningful, surprising, and catalytic. Connections with peers, mentors, teachers and patrons are important in my own growth as a songwriter, and I enjoy helping other people develop the kind of relationships and practices they need to grow as artists and people.

I've coached and consulted a wide variety of artists and entrepreneurs over the years, but one of the challenges I've seen is that as helpful as coaching, conferences and the right word of advice can be, the reality is that most people need more consistent support, encouragement and accountability to really move forward, and that's not something that happens randomly, by accident, or without commitment. Because of this, in the next season I plan to do my coaching and mentoring as part of the Dandelion Seed Company, where there's a growing group of gifted and qualified people who are paying the price in their own lives for creative, intellectual and spiritual growth. . . and are committed to help others grow as well.

This rocket ship is moving; people need to grow, explore, fly (and people committed to see them do so).
This house is planted on an asteroid: people need roots and a place (relationally, creatively, spiritually, and intellectually) to come home to.

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