Friday, April 4, 2014

Like it or Learn from it

When I was a kid my mother gave me the book Bridge to Terabithia. I got so mad at her when I finished reading it that I chewed her out in the strongest language my pre-teen, small town, committed Christian context allowed (grrrr)!  I most definitely did NOT like the book.

I like to read. As a kid the highlight of the week was the trip to library. My sisters and I came back with more books than we could carry. Each time. I liked and still like stories.

In college I graduated a few credits short of an English major. To get there I read books I didn't like. I discovered the value of books I didn't like but could learn from.

Steven Pressfield'  recent post on this subject is worth reading.

Reading for enjoyment is wonderful. . . and there's something to be said for reading texts that we don't enjoy but which help us to learn or grow, whether that's sorrow-inducing fiction, wince-worthy self help manuals, or biographies that make you angry.

I watched the Bridge to Terabithia movie when it came out. Just like when I was a kid I felt sad, but also thankful that I'm alive -- and aware of fragile gift that is.